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Two Stroke Smoke Candle From Flying Tiger Motorcycles

by Joseph
Two Stroke Smoke Candle

Two Stroke Smoke Candle

So your apartment is too rich in feminine smells like potpourri and zest of lemon, but you’re divorced now and you need to butch the place up before New Year’s. Have you considered a scented candle? Wait, don’t leave – I’m talking about Flying Tiger Motorcycles’ Two Stroke Smoke Candle, about as far from your typical scented candle as you can get without burning a witch.

The Two Stroke Smoke Candle is made from real two-stroke oil for a mechanical scent that can be captured in only one other way: Hanging out in a garage. The candle comes in a thematically appropriate metal can, and has been recently reformulated (and given a spiffy new label) compared to previous versions.

The Flying Tiger Two Stroke Smoke Candle can be yours for $20 at Flying Tiger’s online store right here. You may want to buy two or three if you have a big house with a lot of non-masculine scents floating around.

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