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Twitter’s New Facebook-Like Redesign Rolling Out Now

by Joseph
New Twitter Profiles

New Twitter Profiles

It’s been in the works since February, but today Twitter began rolling out its newly redesigned user profile pages today. In what probably seems like a weird move to a lot of people, the new Twitter profiles look very similar to Facebook.

New features of the Twitter profile redesign include a large Facebookesque cover photo, plus a gray background that can no longer be customized. There’s also a system that enlarges a user’s most popular tweets to make them stand out from the less well-received ones, which seems kind of backwards to me.  I’d rather have less popular tweets getting a push, rather than buried further underneath the more popular ones.

But regardless of what I think, Twitter is starting to roll out the new user profiles as of right now, so it’s probably best for you to make peace with it now. And to check out what they look like right away, you can see it on accounts like Floyd Mayweather’s here and Channing Tatum’s here.

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