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Twitter Engage: Standalone App Specifically for Celebrities

by Joseph
Twitter Engage

Twitter Engage

If you’re a rich and famous celebrity (or a major party candidate for president of the United States), you probably use Twitter occasionally to send out missives directly to your fans. But until recently, you had to use the same Twitter app that everybody else uses—which is why there’s now Twitter Engage, a special standalone Twitter app specifically for top-tier influencers.

You probably have to be a celebrity to figure out exactly how useful Twitter Engage is, but one interesting feature that has been leaked to the general populace is the fact that the general timeline (the core of everyone else’s Twitter experience) has been eliminated in favor of analytics services, interactions with fans, and more.

Twitter Engage brings Twitter in line with Facebook, which also has a special app for celebrities, but to get it from iTunes you don’t have to be a high-profile (or even verified, incredibly) Twitter user. And anybody with an internet connection can read up on it here.

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