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Twisted Sharpies From Greg’s Garage

by Joseph
Twisted Sharpies

Twisted Sharpies

The Sharpie is a pretty visually iconic writing implement, immediately identifiable and recognizable to people all over the world. But maybe you don’t want an icon in your pocket, preferring to make your mark with something a little more idiosyncratic, but that still retains the reliable functionality of the Sharpie brand. For you, there are Twisted Sharpies from Greg’s Garage.

Twisted Sharpies replace the Sharpie’s grey plastic cylinder with hand-twisted steel, which isn’t just visually interesting but extremely durable as well. Each one is made by hand, individually numbered, and sold with a card signed by the item’s designer—which isn’t bad for just $25, the product’s asking price from Greg’s Garage.

To order your own, or to get some more information on Twisted Sharpies, you can head over to the product’s listing at the Greg’s Garage online store right here. Shipments are slated to begin at the end of this month.

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