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‘Twin Peaks’ Is Coming Back To TV In Showtime Miniseries (Video)

by Joseph
Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

The early-90s TV series Twin Peaks from David Lynch and Mark Frost was famously denied a satisfactory conclusion, after the show was canceled due to low ratings and the fact that Lynch’s film prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me went in a very different direction from the cultishly adored TV show. Now, a good conclusion of the story that began with Laura Palmer being found on the beach wrapped in plastic might finally be on the way, since a Twin Peaks revival miniseries has been announced for 2016.

According to the report on Deadline (you can check it out here), the nine-episode miniseries will air on Showtime, and all nine episodes will be written by Frost and Lynch, and directed by Lynch. Fans of the original series will definitely perk up at that last bit, since all of the best and most iconic episodes of Twin Peaks were directed by David Lynch. The miniseries will also reportedly be set in the present day, and address many unresolved plot threads left in the wake of the show’s premature cancellation back in 1991.

2016 is a long way off, so if you’re a fan you might want to postpone any potentially dangerous outings until then. But you can watch a brief teaser for the return of the show below. Enjoy:

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