Home Entertainment ‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser Shows Gordon Cole Enjoying a Doughnut (Video)

‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser Shows Gordon Cole Enjoying a Doughnut (Video)

by Joseph
Twin Peaks Teaser

Twin Peaks Teaser

One of my favorite characters from Twin Peaks is FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole, played by Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch. Cole has a penchant for shouting due to degenerative hearing loss, but it’s his (evidently agency-wide) love of doughnuts that is the subject of the newest Twin Peaks teaser that just hit the internet.

To say that the first Twin Peaks teaser is our first look at what the show will be like when it returns at some unspecified point next year would be pure speculation, since there’s no real way to know if the footage of Cole/Lynch enjoying a doughnut will make it into the series. But it does provide a welcome jolt of Twin Peaks nostalgia, thanks not just to Cole but to that iconic Angelo Badalamenti theme music as well.

You can watch the new Twin Peaks teaser below. And the show makes its long-awaited return on Showtime next year.

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