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‘Twin Peaks’ Skateboards From Habitat Skateboards

by Joseph
Twin Peaks Skateboards

Twin Peaks Skateboards

How popular is Twin Peaks among the inhabitants of America’s skate parks? We may be on the verge of finding out, thanks to a collaborative endeavor between the show’s co-creator David Lynch (!) and Habitat Skateboards: A line of Twin Peaks skateboards bearing the images of some of the show’s most famous characters.

You can now grind rails on the faces of Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer, Audrey Horne, and the Log Lady, as well as on a graphical ode to the damn fine coffee at the Double R diner. There are a wide variety of graphics and visuals available on Twin Peaks skateboards, and you can get t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, and more from Habitat too.

You can shop the whole collection of Habitat x Twin Peaks skateboards and other merch at the Habitat Skateboards online store here. And if this means that FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper will be a skater on the new season of the show, well, all the better.

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