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‘Twin Peaks’ Cast Members Beg David Lynch to Come Back (Video)

by Joseph
Save Twin Peaks

Save Twin Peaks

You probably heard the news already that director/mad genius David Lynch and the proposed Twin Peaks sequel coming to Showtime have parted ways due to a dispute over production budgets that Lynch apparently considered unsolvable. But hope is being kept alive thanks to the actors that populated that strange small town two and a half decades ago, in the form of a video comparing the show without David Lynch to various other entities that just don’t make sense without one another.

The video was spearheaded on Facebook by Twin Peaks cast member Mädchen Amick, who also enlisted fellow TP denizens Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook, and many more, all of whom seem to be not totally cool with the idea of the show continuing without the guiding hand of David Lynch.

Best of all, the video is creepy, funny, and weird in that particular Twin Peaks fashion, which might actually serve as a counterintuitive indication that the show could still be good even without David Lynch. But if I can editorialize a little, I’m still totally on team #SaveTwinPeaks, and I think Lynch is necessary to do that.

Here’s the video:

And you can check out the original Facebook post here.

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