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Twig Cold Brew Teas: Tea in its Purest Form

by Joseph
Twig Cold Brew Teas

Twig Cold Brew Teas

Cold brewing tea has a lot of advantages over traditional brewing, like different flavors, fewer catechins (which cause bitterness), and less caffeine. And for the purest form of cold brew tea, you should give Twig Cold Brew Teas a try.

The main idea behind Twig Cold Brew Teas is that they’re nothing but tea—no infusions of fruit or herbs, no artificial (or natural) coloring, and no sugar. This idea is articulated in the brand’s slogan: “Filtered water and loose-leaf tea. Nothing else.” Unfortunately, the tea only seems to be available for delivery in the UK, but there it comes in a pack of six, randomly assorted from four overall flavor options.

Hopefully Twig Cold Brew Teas will be more widely available soon, but in the meantime you can get some more information on the tea at the official Twig site right here. And if you’re lucky enough to live in (or to be visiting) their delivery area, you can order a six-pack for about $20.

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