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TwerkOut WerkOut Is What it Sounds Like (Video)

by Joseph
TwerkOut WerkOut

TwerkOut WerkOut

Throughout the years it’s been a dependable fact that whenever any kind of physical activity becomes a craze, someone bases a workout routine on it. Now, despite wishes that it might not be so, the current twerking craze touched off by Miley Cyrus has resulted in a twerking-inspired workout program.

It’s called TwerkOut WerkOut, a “proprietary strength training system” that’s based on the distinctive dance move. And the makers of TwerkOut WerkOut are in the midst of a huge promotional campaign that includes a commercial that’s so tongue-in-cheek (so to speak), that it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s a joke.

You can check out the commercial for TwerkOut WerkOut below. And the advertised website does exist (take a look here), but all it offers is a place to sign up for more information.

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