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Turtlecalls: $2 Calls From Someone Acting Like a Turtle

by Joseph


When the internet first started to blow up, analysts thought that it would bring a new kind of economy to the world, one defined by quick and easy services provided for free (or for a nominal fee), with no overhead and no middlemen. That dream has mostly dissipated, but it lives on in Turtlecalls, an online service that lets you arrange a call between the person of your choice and a person pretending to be a turtle.

Turtlecalls start at $2, but there are $10 and $20 price points that allow for enhanced services. But the basic $2 Turtlecall gets you one attempted call, and a voice mail if no one answers. The $10 and $20 calls offer recordings of the calls, among other features, so you can enjoy the bewilderment of your loved ones forever more.

You’re probably pretty confused right now, so you might want to get some more information on Turtlecalls right here. But the only real way to learn what it’s all about is to put your money on the turtle shell and hear the results for yourself.

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