Home Tech & Gear Turkish Recycling Bin Turns Old Bottles Into Food for Stray Dogs (Video)

Turkish Recycling Bin Turns Old Bottles Into Food for Stray Dogs (Video)

by Joseph
Turkish Recycling Bin
Turkish Recycling BinTurkish Recycling Bin


In some countries around the world, like Turkey, there is a real problem with stray dogs roving the larger cities scrounging for food and water. It’s a controversial issue, and Turkish company Pugedon has come up with a novel solution that not only feeds stray dogs but encourages everyone to think about how they fit into their own community. It’s a recycling bin that lets passerby recycle water bottles and dispenses dog food in turn.

Before you become aghast at the notion of stray Turkish dogs chowing down on recycled plastic, you should know that the machine doesn’t literally turn the bottles into food. But each bottle that is dropped into the machine causes a corresponding amount of dog food to be dispensed, which is paid for by redeeming the bottles later. It also has a place to pour unwanted water, which is also turned over to stray dogs.

It’s always cool to see technology being used in a new and socially conscious way, and you can do just that by checking out Pudgeon’s recycling bin/dog food dispenser in the gallery up top and the video below. And remember to recycle, even if there are no hungry dogs around.


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