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Tumbleweed Express: America’s First Drive Thru Weed Store

by Joseph
Tumbleweed Express

Tumbleweed Express

Imagine, if you will, picking up some perfectly legal recreational marijuana on your way home from work, much as you would a sack of cheeseburgers, a six pack of beer, or other things that are less healthy for you than weed. That dream will soon be a reality, and it will be called Tumbleweed Express – because what else would it be called?

Green Cross Colorado LLC has acquired the necessary permits to open Tumbleweed Express in Parachute, Colorado, a small western town which will soon lead the nation in the field of drive-thru marijuana retail. And if it’s anything like Beverage Castle, the drive thru liquor store chain in Florida, it will feature a gaudy old west-themed facade, and it will be awesome.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. For now, you can read up on the Tumbleweed Express right here, and if you’re looking forward to trying it out (either in a pilgrimage to Colorado or a quick drive if you already live there), keep an eye out for the store to open sometime next month.

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