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TUL: A Travel Suitcase With Built-In Digital Scale

by Joseph


If you’re a frequent traveler who has nevertheless failed to master the whole “pack light” ethos, you’re familiar with the sinking feeling that accompanies the realization that your checked bag is heavier than some arbitrary weight limit the airline will use to charge you even more money for the terrible experience of flying. With TUL, you at least won’t have to worry about that, since it has a built-in scale that will tell you exactly how much it weighs right when you pack it.

Hopefully, the scale and LCD screen built into TUL don’t take up too much weight themselves, because otherwise this would appear to be a pretty good product. In addition to its attention-grabbing scale and LCD, TUL is also a sturdy, durable suitcase that can stand up to all kinds of travel-related hazards.

TUL is currently in the fundraising stage of its development, but if enough people go to the product’s Kickstarter page here (where it can also be pre-ordered for $229), it should be widely available in due time. Your move, Delta.

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