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Tuf Rack Indestructible Bike Rack

by Joseph

Tuf Rack

If you’re a bicycle enthusiast, you’ve probably wished to yourself that you had a bike rack that could survive a nuclear blast. Now, you are one step closer to achieving that dream, thanks to the Tuf Rack. Made from laser-cut 16-gauge steel, the Tuf Rack is being billed as an “indestructible” piece of hardware for your bicycle-securing needs.

That’s not the Tuf Rack’s only feature, though – they also sport a modular design that allows you to string multiple Tuf Racks together at the rear of your able-bodied vehicle. ¬†And they range in price from $170 to $200 in both mountain bike and BMX models.

To grab one for yourself, or for the bike lover in your life, head on over to the Tuf Rack website.

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