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TUBULAR: A Chair Made from Ventilation Ducts

by Joseph


Designer Lucas Munoz recently revealed his Objects from Interstitial Space, which sounds like a particularly wonky 1950s scifi creature feature but is actually just a collection of furniture concepts made from objects that normally work invisibly behind the scenes. One of the cooler examples is TUBULAR. Here’s Munoz on the ideas behind the project:

“While conserving their personality as engineered objects meant for constructional use, the purposeful arrangement under which they get combined, entitles them with an upgraded visual and functional value. These pieces, bring to light a re-interpretational approach to matter consumption and industrial standardisation, that opens up to a myriad of possible variations.”

TUBULAR is an armchair made out of ventilation tubes, complete with a copper seat also made by hand by Munoz. Like all truly worthwhile chairs, it’s probably more comfortable than it looks, but unfortunately you’d have to make your own in order to find out — it’s just an exhibition piece for now.

But you can check out TUBULAR as well as the rest of the Objects from Interstitial Space right here.

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