Home Entertainment ‘Trust’: Danny Boyle’s Getty Kidnapping Series Coming to FX (Trailer)

‘Trust’: Danny Boyle’s Getty Kidnapping Series Coming to FX (Trailer)

by Joseph


All the Money in the World is still in theaters, but we’ll soon have a Deep Impact/Armageddon or Independence Day/Mars Attacks situation on our hands with the premiere of the first season of Trust, an FX anthology series by director Danny Boyle that is based on the very same case as All the Money in the World. 

That would be the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, who was snatched for a ransom that his famously wealthy grandfather refused to pay. Trust naturally features most of the same characters as All the Money in the World, but portrayed by a completely different cast: Donald Sutherland in lieu of Christopher Plummer, and Brendan Fraser in for Mark Wahlberg (!), to name a couple. The show comes out in March, but you can check out a trailer for it below:


Trust, which will feature different storylines in subsequent seasons, premieres on March 25th, 2018, on FX.

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