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TrumpSingles: Make America Date Again

by Joseph


You’re on a date with a beautiful woman, when you accidentally let slip that you’re a hardcore supporter of Donald Trump for president of the United States. “Ew,” she screams, “he’s a racist idiot!” She leaves, you’re alone for yet another night, and you’re stuck with the check. This is one scenario that need never play itself out again, thanks to the evidently real dating website TrumpSingles.

With TrumpSingles, all of The Donald‘s biggest single fans can pay $4.95 a month (a lot by internet dating standards, but compared to Trump University it’s a steal) for unlimited access to their potential soulmates, with unlimited daily messages—while free members can only send one.

TrumpSingles may also have the side effect of removing all the Trumpsters from the rest of the dating pool, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all. To get started on your profile and check out the doubtlessly very attractive singles on the site now, check it out here.

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