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‘True Detective’ Motion Posters Unveiled (GIFs)

by Joseph
True Detective Motion Posters

True Detective Motion Posters

One of the most under-the-radar developments of the last few years is the “motion poster,” which takes the aesthetic of movie posters and spices them up with some 21st century animation. True Detective motion posters, the show being a grim and darkly philosophical television program for adults, might seem like a weird promotional choice, but nevertheless a few new True Detective motion posters have seen the light of day.

Each of the new True Detective motion posters, released in advance of the show’s upcoming second season, is based on the slogan “We Get The World We Deserve.” A pretty somber thought, especially if you’ve spent any time looking at the world. And they all seem to involve automotive transit in some way, albeit from completely different perspectives.

HBO has released a total of three True Detective motion posters for the show’s second season, all of which you can see below. And for more on the show before the season premiere on June 21st, head over to its official page on the HBO site right here.

Here’s the first poster:

Poster number two:

And here’s number three (do I even want to know what that bird is pecking at?):


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