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Trompe L’oeil Technical Wetsuit by Thom Browne

by Joseph
Trompe L'oeil Technical Wetsuit

Trompe L'oeil Technical Wetsuit

The classic suit and the wetsuit have more in common than you might immediately imagine. They’re both dark, sleek, functional, stylish, and slick, and they both make the wearer feel somewhat like James Bond when worn correctly. Now, the suitmasters at Thom Browne have come up with a hilarious combination of the two: The Trompe L’oeil Technical Wetsuit.

The Thom Browne Trompe L’oeil Technical Wetsuit is named for the “trompe l’oeil” optical illusion technique, due to the way the wetsuit simulates the appearance of an immaculately tailored suit. But unlike an actual suit, you can jump in the water with this one – go to the beach, scuba dive, infiltrate Auric Goldfinger’s coastal base of operations, whatever.

If you want to purchase a neoprene Trompe L’oeil Technical Wetsuit from Thom Browne, you better be prepared to pay nearly four grand for the privilege at the brand’s online store right here. Then again, you won’t need to buy a new wetsuit or regular suit for the rest of the year, so maybe you’re saving money.

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