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Trobla: A Wooden Amplifier for Smartphones

by Joseph


You might be familiar with the trick of putting your smartphone in a bowl in order to enhance its acoustical reach and quality. I bring it up only as a reference to how much better a “bowl” expressly designed for this purpose could do the job, which in a way is the idea behind Trobla, a smartphone amplifier by TOK TOK made entirely from wood, with no electrical components of any kind.

The word “Trobla” is also Slovenian for “horn,” which gives you a clue as to the principles involved in getting this device to work. But as with most pieces of technology, you don’t really have to understand how it works to operate it – you just insert your smartphone, and start enjoying relatively high-quality sound from its small speakers.

Trobla has more than tripled its fundraising goal on Kickstarter here, but you still have about three weeks to get one at a discounted rate, with shipments expected to begin in June.

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