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TRIWA: Watches Made from Recycled Illegal Guns

by Joseph


The world would be a much better and more peaceful place if every gun was replaced with a stylish timepiece, don’t you think? TRIWA is a new Swedish watch brand that’s doing its small part to make that unlikely scenario come to pass, by making watches from melted down confiscated firearms.

IM Swedish Development Partner is a non-profit organization that melts down confiscated guns taken from “conflict torn societies,” producing a metal they call Humanium Metal. TRIWA watches are made from this Humanium Metal, and to hurt anyone with one you’d probably have to wrap it around your wrist like brass knuckles. And who would be stupid enough to do scuff up a nice watch like that?

Check out the whole line of TRIWA watches at the brand’s Kickstarter listing right here, where you can pre-order one starting at $225. If they made one that cost 100 times that much, maybe Bruce Wayne would wear one.

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