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TritonRaw Tungsten Carbide Rings for Men

by Joseph


Jewelry for men tends to get a bad rap, thanks to guys like The Mandarin and Casanova Frankenstein giving rings for men the reputation they have enjoyed for so long. TritonRaw is trying to change that, though, with a new line of rings for men that bring simplicity and style back to the form.

TritonRaw rings are constructed from sturdy tungsten carbide and treated with a matte black finish that keeps them from seeming loud, garish, or overly ostentatious. They’d make excellent wedding bands, but you don’t necessarily have to get hitched to wear one, or to give one to the potential ring-wearing man in your life.

You can check out all of TritonRaw’s varieties of rings for men at the brand’s official online store right here. And feel free to do the same (and go ahead and wear one if you want) even if you’re a woman, I won’t tell.

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