Home Tech & Gear TriTac EDC Pen: “It’s a Pen, It’s a Punch, It’s a Knife”

TriTac EDC Pen: “It’s a Pen, It’s a Punch, It’s a Knife”

by Joseph
TriTac EDC Pen

TriTac EDC Pen

Another entrant in the EDC pen wars has made its way into the fray. This one might not dazzle you with the quantity of its multiple functions, but it does provide three heavy-duty ones within its own sleek, lightweight frame. It’s the TriTac EDC Pen.

The TriTac EDC Pen isn’t just useful for signing documents (or autographs). ┬áIt’s also got a a 440c stainless steel pocket knife blade and a window punch, for those sticky situations one hopes to never find oneself in. It can also write upside-down or underwater, which might be useful in an even stickier situation, and it comes in your choice of titanium or aircraft-worthy aluminum.

There’s plenty of interest in the TriTac EDC Pen, as evidenced by its phenomenal performance on Kickstarter. You yourself can get in on the action at the pen’s Kickstarter listing here, where pre-orders start at $45 and up for the next month.

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