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Triple Threat Box: Pizza Hut Unveils Three-Tiered Pizza Box

by Joseph
Triple Threat Box

Triple Threat Box

“Levels, Jerry. Levels.” Cosmo Kramer may have gotten a job with Pizza Hut‘s packaging department, because the pizza chain recently unveiled a new pizza box for the holiday season that seems to be a product of that simple yet beautiful philosophy. In honor of its three tiers, it’s known as the Triple Threat Box.

Each of the Pizza Hut Triple Threat Box’s levels has room for one medium-sized pizza, or a trio of bread/flavor sticks and one of the restaurant’s giant chocolate chip cookies. It hits North American markets after a successful initial run in the Middle East, but it will only be available Stateside for a limited time.

To experience the optimal Triple Threat Box experience – two medium pizzas, one cookie, and three dough sticks for $19.99 – place your order at Pizza Hut’s online delivery portal right here. It’s too bad The Colbert Report isn’t around anymore, because this could be very gracefully incorporated into “The Threat Down.”

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