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Trion Nemesis: The New Limited Edition American Supercar

by Joseph
Trion Nemesis

Trion Nemesis

I’ve never designed an automobile of any kind, but I imagine that the best part of designing a supercar must be coming up with a cool name. And the people at Trion Supercars have unveiled a real doozy: It’s the Trion Nemesis, which is certainly a cool name (maybe the coolest) but it’s not the only thing that makes it an exciting piece of work.

One look at the Trion Nemesis will tell you that it’s been designed for peak visual sexiness, with not a line or a curve out of place. But what you can’t see is the 2000-horsepower engine under the hood and the controls that work via digital touchscreen. Other models will be available with fewer horses, but the 2000 hp model will be limited to 50 cars worldwide.

Other release details on the Trion Nemesis are still to come, but pre-orders are being accepted at the supercar’s website here, where you can also get a lot more information on the Professor Moriarty of supercars.

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