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Trinity ONE Coffee Brewer From Trinity Coffee (Video)

by Joseph
Trinity ONE

Trinity ONE

If you’re serious about your coffee, you know that all home brewing methods and coffee makers were not created equal. Trinity Coffee has come up with a device that combines several different methods into one brewer, innovative in its design and engineered for specialty coffees. It’s the Trinity ONE.

Pour over, air pressure, and cold brew brewing are all handled by the Trinity ONE, with a minimalist design that’s built to reduce clutter as well as make great coffee. And it’s constructed from stainless steel with a walnut timber finish, so it looks quite a bit better than the usual coffee machine as well.

You can see the Trinity ONE coffee brewer in action in the video below. And if you like what you see, the machine can be yours in all its handsome glory from the Trinity Coffee online store here, where it will set you back a cool $215.

Here’s the video:


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