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Trilby Connected Speaker for the Kitchen

by Joseph


From the Stuff You Didn’t Realize You Needed file, it’s Trilby. Trilby is a wireless connected speaker designed specifically to be mounted somewhere in your kitchen. Once it’s there it can stream music or phone calls, display digital whiteboard messages via text, and more.

The applications for Trilby should be obvious, especially if you have a lot of kids and/or other household members going in and out of your kitchen throughout the day. It can make and take free phone calls over the internet, and it’s compatible with any music app you might have on your smartphone by piping the audio directly from it – with sound quality made a high priority in its design.

It’s a cool piece of tech, and it can be yours for just under $200 at Trilby’s Amazon listing right here. The days of putting your smartphone in a bowl in order to enhance its sound are officially over.

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