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‘Tree in the House’ by Aibek Almassov (Pics)

by Joseph
Tree in the House

A new residential design from Aibek Almassov of A. Massow Architects gives new meaning to the term “tree house.” That’s because rather than being built in a tree, Tree in the House is built around a tree.

Tree in the House was originally commissioned by an investor who since removed his funding from the project, but now it’s caught the interest of a company that makes glass and solar panels, A. Massow hopes that it will soon be a reality. But even if the project never gets off the ground, the design itself is one for the time capsuleā€”a tubular glass structure that winds around a single tree to four stories above the ground.

You can get a better idea of Tree in the House by checking out some concept art in the gallery below, and you can get a lot more information on the project at Dezeen right here.

Here’s the gallery:

Tree in the HouseTree in the HouseTree in the HouseTree in the House

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