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TravisMathew Ping Pong+ Glass Top Ping Pong Table

by Joseph
TravisMathew Ping Pong+

This isn’t the first time I’ve pointed out that the usual ping pong table isn’t exactly a work of master craftsmanship. But the new TravisMathew Ping Pong+ puts most ping pong tables to shame. It’s constructed from 300 pounds of precision-cut and polished glass, a simple but elegant answer to the question, “how can a ping pong table look as sexy as possible?”

The TravisMathew Ping Pong+ table features bottom-set service lines that won’t get scuffed and scratched, and the tabletop has been meticulously polished for clean, unobtrusive play. Each table is custom built, and includes 100 TravisMathew branded ping pong balls, a wine bucket, and two custom-made rackets.

You can see a few photos of the TravisMathew Ping Pong+ glass top table in the gallery underneath these words, but to actually experience a game of ping pong on the table you have to either order one here or head over to the TravisMathew retailer Fashion Island in Newport Beach where you can give one a spin.

Here are the photos:

TravisMathew Ping Pong+TravisMathew Ping Pong+TravisMathew Ping Pong+TravisMathew Ping Pong+

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