Home Entertainment ‘Travelers’: Netflix Time-Travel Show Has First Trailer (Video)

‘Travelers’: Netflix Time-Travel Show Has First Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


The FBI, it’s safe to say, is not in the midst of a public relations high. They’re facing flack from both sides of the political fence for their handling of various investigations relating to the recent presidential election, but it would appear that Hollywood is coming in at just the right time to rehabilitate their image. First with the approaching return of Twin Peaks, in which the FBI serves as perhaps the only morally pure entity in the entire world.  And now Travelers, a Netflix original series in which a time-traveling FBI agent seeks to help prevent global apocalypse.

The actual plot of Travelers is kept a bit vague in the new trailer for the series, but the idea of sending consciousnesses back through time in order to stop an evildoer with the power to hypnotize his followers reminds me a bit of the Trancers movies, which I hope will experience a resurgence due to my having now pointed out the similarity.

Non-squids can watch the trailer for Travelers below, and the series hits a Netflix account near you on December 23rd.


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