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Travelbox: A Whole Apartment in 4′ x 7′ Box (Photos)

by Joseph

If you had to put your entire life inside a 4′ x 7′ box, what would you try to cram in? If you’re a less practical thinker than architect Stefan Juust, you’d probably try to make room for old photos and sentimental objects and worry about the essentials on the road – but his Travelbox fits a bunch of essential furnishings and even a bicycle into that extremely limited space.

Inside Travelbox, there’s a bed (with sheets and pillows), table, chair, and shelves that can be assembled into a working wardrobe. There’s also that bicycle that I mentioned before, although I wouldn’t recommend lugging it via bicycle given its 132-pound weight. But it is engineered to be shipped across the world, so you can have it at arm’s length for your next international adventure.

Well, you might have to wait a while before Travelbox or something like it is available for purchase, since it’s currently just a prototype whipped up by Juust. You can take a look at other stuff he has in the works at his Facebook page here, where you will probably also get updates on this product’s future as they become available.

You can also see a few photos of Travelbox in the gallery below:


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