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Trash Riot: Artist Specializes in SciFi Collages (Pics)

by Joseph
Trash Riot

It’s Friday, which means you’re probably itching to get away from work. But until you’re able to escape the office, the unique scifi collages of the artist known as Trash Riot may be just what the doctor ordered for your workplace frame of mind.

Trash Riot’s work is spacey but also cut-up-catalog-y, if I can use some technical artistic terms for a moment. All I really know is that it looks cool, and there’s enough of it to make working through it all a pretty formidable task – formidable, but worth it, in the long run.

You can do just that by checking out a few Trash Riot pieces in the gallery below. But for the mother lode, take a look at the artist’s full online portfolio at Redbubble right here, or on Tumblr here.

Here’s the gallery:

Trash RiotTrash RiotTrash RiotTrash RiotTrash Riot

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