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TrapTap Wireless Speed Trap Indicator

by Joseph


Radar detectors for the primary purpose of avoiding speed traps are nothing new. ¬†They are also, unfortunately, nothing legal. But in the smart technology era, it makes sense there would be a legal workaround that doesn’t involve any illegal monitoring of law enforcement radar signals, and it’s called the TrapTap.

Rather than detecting radar directly, TrapTap is dependent on users to locate speed traps (you double-tap it if you see one). It also syncs up with a smartphone app and a database with locations of red light cameras and school zones for more than 60 countries, glowing red when you’re near one, blue when a speed trap has been reported in the area, and green when you’re (I guess) OK to just floor it.

Bryce North, inventor of the TrapTap, is emphatic that his product is totally legal (at least for now), so you can check it out on Kickstarter right here without any fear of getting a ticket. Pre-orders start at $100.

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