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The Trapper Keeper Returns as Tablet Case

by Joseph
Trapper Keeper Returns as Tablet Case

Everyone with a working internet connection (or maybe even just a TV set) probably knows that we’re only at the beginning stages of the coming tidal wave of 90s nostalgia, which may wipe all of us from the face of the Earth. The next sign of the coming 90spocalypse is the return of the Trapper Keeper – but since no one carries around actual papers anymore (except, you know, kids in school, but what would they want with a Trapper Keeper?), it’s coming back as a tablet case.

The announcement comes from Kensington, who are teaming with the makers of the original Trapper Keeper, Mead, for the tablet cases. The Trapper Keeper design will be joined by other retro tablet cases, including one based on the iconic marbled composition book most of us remember from school.

The Trapper Keeper tablet cases from Kensington and Mead will come in 7-inch and 10-inch versions, and are shipping to stores just in time for school to start this September. For more information, check out Kensington’s website here, and you can also see a couple of images of their new tablet cases up at the top.


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