Home Entertainment ‘Trap Adventure 2’: Clip from Nearly Impossible Video Game Goes Viral (Video)

‘Trap Adventure 2’: Clip from Nearly Impossible Video Game Goes Viral (Video)

by Joseph
Trap Adventure 2

Trap Adventure 2

One of the reasons I can never get more than casually into video games is that I have no tolerance for tedium, and since I’m not very good at most video games I often end up having to do the same thing over and over again until I finally either make it through or quit. A recent clip that’s gone viral on the internet captures this frustration perfectly, and horrifyingly enough I later found out that the clip in question was from an actual, playable game – Trap Adventure 2. Check it out:

Here’s a description of the game courtesy of one satisfied customer (via):

Caution!! This may be the most hardest, irritating, frustrating game EVER. If you tend to exasperate often, I recommend you not play this game. It will literally drive you insane. I PROMISE. As written above, this game is VERY STRESSFUL. You may get so irritated and frustrated that you throw your phone out the window. I can’t take any responsibilities for the displeasure this game may cause. Even after reading this you are still eager to play the game, then go ahead.


If for some reason you feel like trying Trap Adventure 2 for yourself, you can download it for iOS devices right here.

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