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Take a Nap Odyssey With the Tranquility Pod

by Joseph
Tranquility Pod
Tranquility PodTranquility PodTranquility Pod

What do naps in the future look like? Assuming that we still have time to nap in between apocalyptic societal meltdowns, they might look a little like those taken in the Tranquility Pod from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Tranquility Pod is better than a bed in several key areas. For one, it’s designed to block out “90% of outside noise,” and comes with a 4-speaker sound system that can sync up to your iPod. The speaker system’s subwoofer is engineered to send out relaxing vibrations throughout the pod that create an atmosphere of “restful harmony.” But that’s all kid stuff compared to the Tranquility Pod’s killer app: a biofeedback system that harmonizes the pod’s 50 LED lights with the user’s heart rate for optimum restful light.

It’s a hard fact of the world we live in that something like the Tranquility Pod is going to be fairly expensive, instead of being given to every citizen of the world. But if you’re ready to drop $30,000 on a nap chamber, head to Hammacher Schlemmer’s website here to place an order. Or you can just take a look at the gallery up top. In any case, your next nap is probably going to seem a little different, one way or another.

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