Home Entertainment ‘Training Day’ to Become a TV Series, Trailer Released (Video)

‘Training Day’ to Become a TV Series, Trailer Released (Video)

by Joseph
Training Day

Training Day

Training Day, starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, is a modern-day classic, and at 15 years old it’s getting about time for some kind of a reboot, remake, sequel, or something. And that “something” is going to be a CBS TV series, starring (hold onto your hats) Bill Paxton in the Denzel-equivalent role.

It would appear that the Training Day show is going to be a little racial flip on the dynamic from the movie, with Justin Cornwell filling in for Hawke. If you like your cop shows with a little bit more edge (or if you’re a fan of watching Bill Paxton chew scenery), this is good news for you.

But if you still need a little more selling, you can see the trailer, which is a generous four minutes in length, below. A premiere date doesn’t appear to be set yet, but stay tuned to the Training Day show’s official site right here for more.

Here’s the trailer:

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