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Track N Go: “The First Ever Wheel Driven Track System”

by Joseph
Track N Go

Track N Go

There are lots of solutions to the problem of driving through snow: Snow tires, chains, sandbags, and more. But none of them are as easy as the Track N Go purports to be. In fact, the hardest part of the whole process of installing and using the Track N Go will probably be coughing up its $25,000 asking price.

They key innovation represented by the Track N Go is in its installation process, which is only supposed to take 15 minutes and only requires you to drive over the Track N Go and attach the system to your car. After that, it’s powered by your own vehicle’s wheels, helping them brave all manners of snow and ice.

If you can handle the aforementioned $25,000 price tag, head to the Track N Go’s website here to buy your own. Or, for a cheaper way to see the Track N Go in action, just check out the video below.


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