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Tovala: “The Smart Oven That Makes Home Cooking Easy”

by Joseph


The name “Tovala” makes me think of a 1930s crime-fighting magician, but it’s actually the name of a new smart oven that purports to make home cooking easier than ever, in conjunction with its proprietary food subscription service that basically eliminates human error from your kitchen process.

Tovala does that by way of chef-prepared meals that are delivered to your door starting at $10 a pop. You scan the included barcode, pop it in the oven, press “start,” and your meal will be ready in as little as half an hour. And paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, keto, and low-sugar meals are all part of the menu.

A WiFi connection allows for new recipes to be added to Tovala’s repertoire all the time, but you can use it as a regular oven as well if you decide to get creative. You can get more information, and place your pre-order starting at $239, at the product’s Kickstarter right here.

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