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Touchjet Wave: Turn Your TV Into a Touchscreen

by Joseph
Touchjet Wave

Touchjet Wave

A new era of fingerprint smudges is upon us thanks to the Touchjet Wave. It’s a small gadget you can hook up to the top of almost any TV screen to turn it into a touchscreen – and since it’s compatible with a bunch of popular apps, it’s a great way to beef up what your TV can do.

The Touchjet Wave uses infrared sensors to recognize an array of gestures and taps, effectively turning your TV into a huge tablet. The touchscreen system runs Android 4.4, so the sky’s the limit on the apps, games, and other features you can have running on your TV with minimal expense. And it comes with a stylus, so that thing I said about fingerprint smudges is mercifully false.

More specifically, that minimal expense is $119, at least until the Touchjet Wave ends its crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo here in about three and a half weeks. After that, the price will jump up about 4o percent, so you may want to jump on this now if you’re interested.

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