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Tostitos Party Safe Bag Tells You You’re Too Drunk to Drive

by Joseph
Tostitos Party Safe Bag

Tostitos Party Safe Bag

This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday, and that means two things: Tostitos and drunk driving. So it’s a particularly logical idea for one of those things to try and preclude the other, and since no one ever turned down a Tostito because they were drinking and driving that means it’s the Tostitos Party Safe Bag that has to step in and keep some drunks from getting behind the wheel this weekend.

The Tostitos Party Safe Bag is full of the perfectly adequate tortilla chips you have come to expect from the Tostitos brand, but thanks to the miracle of modern technology it also has a built-in breathalyzer. If you blow into it with too much alcohol in your system to drive, a red steering wheel graphic and ominous “DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE” text become visible on the otherwise black bag, and if you’re good to drive, a green circle drives that message home. As we all know, if a Tostitos bag commands it, it must be so and as a benevolent leader, the bag will also automatically call an Uber to your location to drive you home if necessary.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving collaborated with Frito-Lay on the Tostitos Party Safe Bag, which you can read more about at Adweek right here. And please, whether you get your hands/lungs on one of these limited edition bags or not: Don’t drink and drive.

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