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Tortuga Trikes: Drift Trikes Powered by Gas (Pics)

by Joseph
Tortuga Trikes
Tortuga TrikesTortuga TrikesTortuga TrikesTortuga Trikes

There’s a new trend taking speed lately called drift trikes. Drift trikes are tricycles designed for extreme adult use, and now there’s a company that’s trying to take the world of drift trikes to its next logical step – power by gasoline.

It’s Tortuga Trikes, a company attempting to raise funds for a gas-powered drift trike on Kickstarter. Drift trikes are normally dependent on steep hills to work, but a gas-powered drift trike could be used where the terrain is completely flat, thanks to a lack of dependence on gravity through the power of gasoline. A Tortuga Trike is also its rear-wheel drive for authentic drifting.

Unfortunately, as of this writing Tortuga Trikes has only raised $1900 of their $25,000 goal on Kickstarter with just three days to reach that financial deadline. So if this is a project you’d like to see get off the ground, head to the Tortuga Trikes Kickstarter page here.  And you can see a few pictures of the project in the gallery up top.

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