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Toronto’s Hazelton Hotel Adds $99,000 Hästens Vividus Bed

by Joseph

Hazelton Hotel


Sometimes having a lot of money has its benefits. For example, there is the mysterious patron of the luxury Hazelton Hotel in Toronto, who requested a special luxury bed to be added to one of the hotel’s already-luxurious suites. In response, the hotel entered into an exclusive arrangement with Swedish luxury bedmakers Hästens, who hand-crafted a Vividus bed for just this purpose.

It is believed that the request was made by one of the celebrities that have taken the journey to Toronto for the city’s 37th International Film Festival, which is currently underway.  And while they have refused to provide us with the name of their special guest, the Hazelton has stated that the personal requirements of the guest is what led them to purchase the bed.

And in case you were wondering, a hand-crafted Hästens luxury bed doesn’t come cheap, especially when it’s a big hotel footing the bill. It is believed that the bed has cost the hotel $99,000.

I guess for some people, a good night’s sleep can come with a rather steep price.

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