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Torch: “The World’s First Universal Coat Heater”

by Joseph


If you live in a relatively warm region of the world, you might not be quite acutely aware that there was such a thing as heated jackets. But you can probably imagine that none of them are likely to turn heads in the style department – which is why a “universal coat heater” might be of value to cold-blooded style sharks. Torch is billed as the first such item in the world.

Torch is a rechargeable heater that you install into any of your jackets or coats with Velcro. It consists of three heating pads, each with four different warmth settings, and all of which last up to five hours on one charge. Hopefully they’re resistant to sweat, so as to avoid any Blow Out scenarios unfolding in the winter.

You can pre-order your own Torch universal coat heater starting at $55 at the product’s IndieGoGo campaign right here, where it still has quite a bit of money left to raise over the next month and change.

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