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TOPO Series Maps: Topographical Snowskiing Mountain Maps

by Joseph
TOPO Series Maps

TOPO Series Maps

If you’re a diehard skier or snowboarder, there is one sad, fundamental truth that you eventually have to come to terms with: You probably can’t spend all of your time on the snow. But now there’s a pretty cool way for you to spend your time off the mountains, courtesy of Muir Way: TOPO Series Maps.

TOPO Series Maps are maps that lay out some of the most famous and most popular ski destinations in a visually unorthodox format. They’re inspired by the United States’ Geographical Survey’s topographic quadrants, with the base marked by the single central dot and the mountain’s various slopes represented by contours on the surface. It might seem like gibberish to the uninitiated, but if you’re topographically inclined I imagine you can practically feel the wind in your face just by taking a look, like when Neo looks at the Matrix.

Muir Way’s TOPO Series Maps are available in a variety of different sizing, framing, and color options, all of which you can check out here.

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