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Topo Coasters: Coasters Based on Real Topographical Areas

by Joseph
Topo Coasters

Topo Coasters

New from Tom Will Make, it’s a line of coasters that represent Kentucky‘s Red River Gorge, but not in the usual way you see in coasters and other knick-knacks. Instead, the Topo Coasters replicate topographical characteristics of Red River Gorge through multiple layers of the cork that the coasters are made out of.

This gives Topo Coasters a unique look and feel, and a worthwhile addition to your home – perhaps even if you’ve never been near the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. And since that location is only the inspiration for the first series in this line of Tom Will Make coasters, the series is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

You can do that by checking out Topo Coasters at Tom Will Make here, where the Red River Gorge set of four is priced at $39 each. If you’re in Texas, enjoy an ice cold Topo Chico with the coasters, just to keep things symmetrical.

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