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Topless Woman Caught by a Drone Camera, Attacks It With Broom (Video)

by Joseph
Topless Woman Caught by Drone Camera

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Not so long ago, if you were doing a little topless sunbathing on top of a building, the only ways you could get caught on camera were with a telephoto lens in a neighboring building (where the angle will be tricky at best) or a helicopter flying overhead. But those days are over, and now we live in the drone age – as one topless woman caught by a drone camera recently found out the hard way in a video that is now going viral.

Whether or not the video is staged, I don’t know for sure, but it depicts a drone camera creeping up on a topless woman sunbathing, and when she sees it it’s safe to say she flips out. First she runs away, towel-in-hand, which would seem to be the end of the incident, but then she comes charging back with a broom, ready to knock the drone out of the sky.

She doesn’t make it, but we do get to see the man who is presumably the drone camera operator make a really forced wink into the camera, so there’s that. You can see the whole thing go down in the video below, and if for some reason you feel the urge to do some shopping for drone cameras, you can do so at Amazon here.

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