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Topas Travel Sport Collection From RIMOWA

by Joseph
Topas Travel Sport Collection

Frequent travelers have been familiar with the brand name RIMOWA for a while now, but the company is expanding its reach beyond tourists and businessmen with the new Topas Travel Sport Collection. It uses luggage designs developed for outdoor explorers and re-purposes them for lugging sports equipment back and forth, while retaining all of the durability and functionality that the RIMOWA company has become known for.

The RIMOWA Topas Travel Sport Collection includes a multiwheel suitcase, a trolly case, and more, encased in sturdy aluminum magnesium shells. And they’re being marketed as a worthwhile solution for anyone who has to travel with stuff like tennis rackets or baseballs in tow.—you know, sports people.

In the gallery below, you can see a couple pictures of the Topas Travel Sport Collection from RIMOWA that show the pieces in the collection being put to their intended purpose. And for more information on RIMOWA products, and to shop the collection and other offerings from the brand, take a trip to the RIMOWA website here, no packing necessary.

Here are the photos:

Topas Travel Sport CollectionTopas Travel Sport Collection

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