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Top-Tweeted Emojis by Country Released by Twitter

by Joseph
Top-Tweeted Emojis by Country

Top-Tweeted Emojis by Country

How much can you tell about a person from which emoji they use the most? You might get a slight glimpse into their personality, one that fits into what you know about them as a whole, but if they’re a stranger I don’t know if you can tell too much. However, when you expand that to an entire country, then things start to get interesting, as Twitter has proven by releasing the top-tweeted emojis by country ranking.

Twitter revealed the top-tweeted emojis by country, as seen in the chart up at the top, in observance of World Emoji Day, which occurred on Sunday. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it includes 20 major countries and their most popular emoji—excluding those in the global top 10, so as to ensure more diversity across countries.

According to the top-tweeted emojis by country, the US, UK, and Canada seem to be pretty tired these days, while the list’s trio of South American countries are focused on music. Spain is strong, Mexico is thankful, France is romantic, and Australia is giving everybody a big thumb’s-up.

You can see the original post from Twitter’s official account below:

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